Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ghost Dance Update - about 1/2 done animation (I'm sort of back... I never really left! ;)

It's been a while since I updated this blog... again...  heh :(

1 year almost to the day!   hah: time for the annual blog post!

Some updates on my latest creation:  "Ghost Dance" ...  animation is about half done now.  I've been working on this half assed as I feel like it.  After finishing production on Cold Dark Mirror I needed another break in between projects to recharge and think up new ideas for future films.

You'd think that a short film would be easier to make than a feature:  Less to record, less rendering, less animation...  Turns out you still need to build a lot of sets... and I've only got the main sets built so far... There's some scenes that are only a single shot or two, going to have to "hide" things with clever use of camera angles and fog effects...

I've shut off my Facebook account in the meantime while I finish up "Ghost Dance"   Social media is a total distraction and a time waster if you plan on getting anything actually useful accomplished.  And it's not nearly the grandiose tool for promotion, based on the poor performance of all my films in the sales department!

Which is why I've also QUIT the film INDUSTRY.  It is now purely a personal artistic expression for myself.  As a result, I will be releasing all future releases just like the good old days:  For free on Youtube and Vimeo.  Films for me, by me, on my schedule.   I don't want to hear any fucking complaints like on Archon Defender where the arms were too short 3 years after the fact when I could have done SFA about it. ! :P

 Ever notice there are no really *good* films out these days.  I can't even watch most movies now, especially since I know so much about how they are made, what makes a film good *for me*.   Do you think similarly?   Why not make your own films?     In life there are two choices:  Make art,   or drink yourself to death with crack cocaine and heroin and meth-amphetamines.