Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Script Writing has begun!

I've started writing an outline and a script for my next production, this time it will be another short, a Western in the style of the great Spaghetti Westerns of the 60's and 70's.  Working title- "Ghost Dance".   Some of the goals for this production is to develop a good horse model and rig,  develop a flat shaded toon / hand painted look that will be a bit of a departure from the style in my previous films,  a more expressive face rig with emphasis on the eyes, but keeping things simple and still avoiding the uncanny valley.  

I  also intend to document my process a bit than the last production, Cold Dark Mirror, which I made pretty much hiding out in a darkened studio room with no contact to the outside world.   This time I want to show how I do each step of the process, with videos and demonstrations of my process with an emphasis on using Blender each step of the way.

All my other films are still going strong, and available on various distribution channels.  Check out my main film website: Original Sine Productions with links to all the films.

In Uberector news,  Jimmy Screamerclaus has wrapped up on When Black Birds Fly  I've seen a sneak preview of this, and it's a pretty trippy experience,  definitely a step up in his game from his previous works.  If you search around, you can find some reviews for his first film "Where the Dead go to Die" which pan it as the worst animated film ever.  Quite an accomplishment: being mediocre is easy... anyone can be the best, but to be the WORST... that takes talent! 

I also hear that M Dot Strange is coming back from Game Development in his "spare" time (where he get's this spare time from is beyond me...)   to work on a new film project.

Uberector Spooktergeist has released a teaser for his new project:  River of Dry Blood.  He's working in Blender as well, and this film looks like it's going to be good:

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