Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cold Dark Mirror - Characters - Clovis


Acheron's Cat Familiar, fiercely loyal and protective, even to the point of his own peril.  Clovis has a dominating independant side which Acheron must constantly keep in check, by Compulsion when necessary; although ultimately Heroic and loyal.

Cold Dark Mirror - Characters - Acheron


A wise Maegis, and skilled in the Craft. As the Head of Coven Winterbel, he has trained and mentored many Witch Hunters, to whom he has a natural affinity. He is motivated to protect the innocent and guide the lost.

Cold Dark Mirror - Characters - Callista


Lydia's Cat Familiar, Callista was found by Clovis and brought to Coven Winterbel under Acheron's watchful guidance. She is as skilled as Lydia in the Craft, and is fiercely protective of her lover, Clovis.   Loyal to Lydia, and bound by Familiar's Normative (a kind of ethereal link between the two),  they act in unison to find and capture lost Spirits.