Friday, September 12, 2014

Cold Dark Mirror is almost finished filming...

Yup.. it's been a while since I updated this blog again...  ofc I've been busy working on Cold Dark Mirror... and the good news is that I'm almost finished!

Just a few more shots left to animate and then music and sound effects, and it'll be time for another release.  This time I'm looking at a direct to VOD / streaming release on VHX and Vimeo, and spreading the word through Google ads, maybe some film festivals if I can find a couple good ones to enter. 

The idea is to have it ready by Halloween... don't know how realistic that is but it'll be close...

Archon Defender continues to pick up momentum, check out the digitally remastered version on Google Play today if you haven't already.

And in other news, the second film set in the world of Archon Defender,  Origin: A Call to Minds,  is finally getting a release along side Archon on VOD, look for it on Google Play and Itunes in early 2015.

 Dr. Monacle's console gets dusted off from the Rocketmen vs Robots days.

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