Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cold Dark Mirror - Characters - Clovis


Acheron's Cat Familiar, fiercely loyal and protective, even to the point of his own peril.  Clovis has a dominating independant side which Acheron must constantly keep in check, by Compulsion when necessary; although ultimately Heroic and loyal.

Cold Dark Mirror - Characters - Acheron


A wise Maegis, and skilled in the Craft. As the Head of Coven Winterbel, he has trained and mentored many Witch Hunters, to whom he has a natural affinity. He is motivated to protect the innocent and guide the lost.

Cold Dark Mirror - Characters - Callista


Lydia's Cat Familiar, Callista was found by Clovis and brought to Coven Winterbel under Acheron's watchful guidance. She is as skilled as Lydia in the Craft, and is fiercely protective of her lover, Clovis.   Loyal to Lydia, and bound by Familiar's Normative (a kind of ethereal link between the two),  they act in unison to find and capture lost Spirits.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


A lot of the action in Cold Dark Mirror happens in the Old Library, a sprawling and abandoned collection of bookshelves and forgotten books:

I have several locations that crop up multiple times like this in the film,  identical shots but at different times.  I used this shot in three places in the film as an establishing shot which serves to link the scenes together and bring them into the same location context. 

At the beginning, and throughout the film, the tone is dark and the action takes place at night.  Nightmares and monsters crawl around at night, so it sets the mood and tone of the film.  Towards the end of the film, I use the same scene but in the morning, to signify a new day has dawned and that the nightmares and monsters that hide in the darkness may not have such as strong a hold as they seem to in the dark.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cold Dark Mirror - Characters - Lydia


A young Witch-Hunter, Lydia was orphaned when her Worldstream was attacked by the Voidic Order, surviving due to her own natural abilities in the Craft. She was discovered by Acheron who took her under his protection and guidance; her abilities and confidence have grown under his guidance though she is still deeply haunted by her experiences and fears. Together with her Cat Familiar, Callista, she tracks and captures lost Spirits in order to return them to their proper Worldstreams.

Cold Dark Mirror - Characters - Immacula


The Immacula are dark Spririts bound to the evil desires of their masters by the strongest form of compulsion. They obey their masters, but will not hesitate to turn on them if the opportunity arises. This particular Immacula is bound to the Timeshadow, as a sort of spirit familiar.

Cold Dark Mirror is almost finished filming...

Yup.. it's been a while since I updated this blog again...  ofc I've been busy working on Cold Dark Mirror... and the good news is that I'm almost finished!

Just a few more shots left to animate and then music and sound effects, and it'll be time for another release.  This time I'm looking at a direct to VOD / streaming release on VHX and Vimeo, and spreading the word through Google ads, maybe some film festivals if I can find a couple good ones to enter. 

The idea is to have it ready by Halloween... don't know how realistic that is but it'll be close...

Archon Defender continues to pick up momentum, check out the digitally remastered version on Google Play today if you haven't already.

And in other news, the second film set in the world of Archon Defender,  Origin: A Call to Minds,  is finally getting a release along side Archon on VOD, look for it on Google Play and Itunes in early 2015.

 Dr. Monacle's console gets dusted off from the Rocketmen vs Robots days.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The new M Dot Strange film "I Am Nightmare" is finished, and if you pre-ordered (like me then you've got a sneak peek at it before it's impending release date. M Dot Strange delivers another twisted masterpiece, this time more family friendly but at the same time dark and twisted, if that's at all possible... ... and it is, and M Dot pulls off another Uberected offering, upping the game for other filmmakers to follow. The Nightmare creatures with their comedic top hats and 'boing boing' sounds are a particularly notable touch, creepy like the creature in The Thing, but at the same time comical. Gonna have to step up my game after watching this one.