Sunday, September 8, 2013

15 minutes...

Actually more like 16 and a bit minutes...  but the major milestones are always 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 mins.   Once you've got 20 minutes, you only need to do that 3 more times and you have a finished 80 minute film.

So in the next little while I'll be grinding away on the shots that I can do quickly, a lot of them are dialog shots which are relatively easy to finish compared to action shots.  By Action shot I mean anything that is more involved than 2 or more characters standing around talking.  Now there's a certain school of thought that says you should be showing not telling in a film.   I like to strike a balance between the two, there's times when a dialog shot can be used to fill in the back story and establish the world of the film.  These sequences should fit in with the visual elements of the film and provide clues for the viewer to grasp exactly what the hell is going on in the film.

The overall arc of a film should be set in a consistent mythology, and the elements of that world should slowly unfold, and in a non-linear way so that the viewer can go back and watch the film again, each time discovering new aspects of the world which were not apparent or evident on first viewing.   There's a common thread uniting all the films which I have done, and I'm revealing a little bit more of that thread in Cold Dark Mirror...(if you know where to look ;)