Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yup... pretty lazy updating this again lately ;(

Yup, I've been pretty lazy updating this blog lately... however I do have almost 15 minutes finished on Cold Dark Mirror.

At the moment I'm rendering a big sweeping landscape shot (which flies through this stone circle as shown here)   Right now it's clocking in at 8 mins per frame, and there's 1056 frames... per eye, so that's 2100 ish frames to render over the next week or so.   I'm also rendering the sky separately and doing a bit of tweaking in the blender node compositor to brighten up and soften the shot, comp in some extra atmospheric haze etc...   But this shot will tip me over the 15 mins mark..

Here are a couple of other shots with the main character Lydia from the beginning of the film.