Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some Blender Tutorials / Demos

A few quick Blender demos / tutorials that I put together over the holidays for the character design and rigging for my next film.  Thought I'd document it as I go this time and show the various steps, setup, and methods I use to create my films:

First up is a short tutorial on creating realistic plant models quickly using the Array Modifier (with a second object controlling the axis origin and scale for the transformation) The key is using a golden ratio Z axis rotation of 222 degrees:

Next, a demo how to achieve a 'squished against glass' look for your models, useful if you have a character trapped behind a force field or a big glass plate window or something:

And two videos showing my dress / robe rig, for the legs and for the arms, which allows the sleeves and bottom of the robe to dangle and move in the correct fashion without having to use cloth simulation.

And returning for a one night limited engagement: the infinite inception goldfish: