Friday, November 9, 2012

Script Writing and Character Modeling

I'm busy writing the script and developing characters for my next film, which will be a bit of a departure from the Archon series, and a short film at that (in the 20 mins or so range) as a way of learning all I need to know for Blender to ramp up for production of the third feature in the Archon series, "The Secret Of Sound"  

In the meantime though, it's witches, cats, and spooky things for "Cold Dark Mirror" which I'm aiming for actual full on production over the xmas and into new years 2013.  I'm aiming at a few months (3-4 ish tops) similar to my production on 'Tales From the Afternow"  This one will be released straight online as well, maybe to a few of the cool film fests, like Dragon*Con and MIFF.

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