Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blender Tests

'Been testing out some of the cool new shizz in Blender:
The physics engine opens up some interesting possibilities. I was quite surprised how well this chain worked with a little tweaking and finding the right mesh collision settings, and it calculates a lot faster than I would expect too. Just have to figure out how to get it to 'read' the motion of an object or character (or bounding boxes attached to a character to get some cool 'walking through spooky chains' type scenes going.
The Blender Freestyle development fork is looking promising for some NPR rendering, here's the monkey head with my usual multipass sketch rendering effect, PLUS the edge enhancement of the Freestyle render passes. This wiggles like shit when you move the camera, but it would be great for matte shots, skies, and distant objects that don't have to be animated. Look to see Freestyle incorporated into the main Blender distro once it's a bit more refined.
I'm not happy with Blender's volumetric shadows... too slow to render and not enough artistic control over them. Some things are still best done in post fx.

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