Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Origin A Call to Minds Nominated for Animation at TIFVA

Origin: A Call to Minds has been nominated for best animated film in the animation category at the Toronto International Film and Video Awards.

Check out the TIFVA main page for links and trailers to all the nominated films, including Familiar, starring actor Robert Nolan who recently recorded some parts for the soon to be released, newly polished and extended, Uberector's cut 2012 edition of Archon Defender.

 I've finished recomps, fixing a whole pile of mistakes and adding shots I previously deleted (or rather didn't do at the time...) for Archon Defender.   Yup, the whole George Lucas treatment, hopefully without destroying anyone's childhood though.  The sound mix is completely re-done, even from the 2010 version that won for best animated film at the Mississauga Independent Film festival in 2010.  That sound mix was a bit of a rush job and I never had time to fit actors in to the roles they were suited for,  so a bit of cast shuffling plus a couple new actors into the "studio" to re-record, and Archon Defender is finally at a point where *I* can watch it again ;)

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ZephyrStar said...

Dude nice! Looking forward to both these! Grats on the festival nomination!