Monday, June 4, 2012

Waiting for film festivals and DCP encodes...

Department of Waiting Dept.


Yup... it's been a bit since I had anything exciting to post... and since the big "crunch" to get Origin: A Call to Minds done in time for last months (may 5 ish) deadlines for the Toronto International Film Festival, Ottawa International Animation Festival, Dragon Con film fest, another entry into MIFF, Fantasia Montreal... to name some of the "big" festivals I'm looking to get into with this film...

(...considering that it's actually good this time instead of that old kludge of a film Archon Defender...) though I can't actually prove that to you yet because I have to wait for the 'privilege' of being 'selected' to screen at these highly prestigious festivals. Amongst festivals I've screened at, MIFF and Dragon Con were two of the best... In fact it's thanks to the MIFF crew that I have the contacts with the amazing voice actor talent, and actually doing things the proper way this time (ie: recording the voices first and not using computer voices and then trying to match those... :/ makes all the difference in Origin.

Now the big festivals want to be the super exclusive world premiere of your film... some festivals will reject your film if they're not the super 1337 0day hax0r Uber-awesome over9000 d00ds who get to see your film first. And if you've released your film on the internet: forget it. Why would people go to see a film on a super huge screen with an audience of like minded fans where they can ostensibly meet the filmmaker (secret: we're not actually that interesting to talk to... but we will accept free beer...) ... and watch the film in 3D with super expensive popcorn and sticky floors covered in pop... when they could sit at home and watch a little 1/4 screen youtube window with blocky compression whilst wearing el cheapo anaglyph 3d glasses that just make everything blurry :( (note: slight exaggeration... anaglyph is perfectly fine, done properly...) (note 2: sorry James Cameron, I totally watched a pirated version of Avatar... in anaglyph >:P buwahahah) (note 3: terrorists forced me to watch their pirated version at gunpoint)

We are the filmmakers... WE dictate where and how the films get shown. Why? we create the films. No Films = Black screen (and silent soundtrack... watch out John Cage doesn't sue you if he finds out you're stealing his silent piano concerto again....)

The audience wants to see our films. We want to connect with our audience, show them our films, (sneak behind them while they're so engrossed that they don't notice us pickpocketing...oh shi~* forget that last bit....)

I've gone to films... I've gone to film festivals... I've never been to "A Festival"

And I'm itching to get Origin: A Call to Minds out to the my audience :P I'm sure some of you are itching to see it... having gotten a bunch of emails to that effect already ;) The good news is that by the time you do manage to see it, I'll be well under way with production on the NEXT one... ;)

movie cards... soon it's storyboarding time again ;)

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ZephyrStar said...

Dragoncon you say? I might just have to make the 7 hour drive down to Atlanta for that :O