Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Origin: A Call to Minds" is finished

After 2 years of production, the followup to my award winning film "Archon Defender" is done... I just watched the full 3D version all the way through in it's finished form tonight, and it's ridiculously good. A big thanks to all my very talented voice actors who definitely carry this film. ...And I'm finished just in time to send off to some of the big festivals, stay tuned for updates on upcoming screenings and news.

Some stats on the film:
  • Production time 2 years
  • It's in stereoscopic 3D
  • Runtime: 79 minutes
  • 720p HD


dmgpunk said...


That's awesome Dave, congratulations. I can't wait to see it!

ZephyrStar said...

Congrats!!! Such good news as of late among uberectors...gonna have to have a double feature night with this and HSM. Can't wait.

Shawn said...

Congratulations on finishing up! Can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

This is spectacular! I want to ask if you can make a screening of Archon Defender (with the revox) here in Elizabeth, New Jersey. It was phenomenal. A very beautiful film that is actually very much my style (the feel that is), the atmosphere, especially the score/soundtrack.
If you don't mind, I would like to speak with you, and I want to know your email. I've tried looking all over for it, and well this is the only place I know of to talk to you. I would very much appreciate it Dave. btw, little trivial but one of my partners and spiritual brother at our production company, EverestPoint, is named David. David Clayton. He, er well all of us, are working on very interesting work. Well especially him, but yeah it's not animated, but perhaps it doesn't matter. One word: Columbine.

David T. Krupicz said...

You can reach me at

info at archondefender dot com

Anonymous said...

Cool. Many thanks bro. :]

David said...


I came to this blog looking for more work in the style of Archon Defender, which I had stumbled upon some time ago via So the news about A Call to Minds is pretty exciting. Hope there will be a public release, or a way to purchase a HD copy online? That said, only ever hosted a low-quality version of Archon Defender. Is there a chance we can ever see it at the original resolution (which was something close to 720p IIRC)?