Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Origin: A Call to Minds" is finished

After 2 years of production, the followup to my award winning film "Archon Defender" is done... I just watched the full 3D version all the way through in it's finished form tonight, and it's ridiculously good. A big thanks to all my very talented voice actors who definitely carry this film. ...And I'm finished just in time to send off to some of the big festivals, stay tuned for updates on upcoming screenings and news.

Some stats on the film:
  • Production time 2 years
  • It's in stereoscopic 3D
  • Runtime: 79 minutes
  • 720p HD

Friday, April 13, 2012

And now some good animation... ;)

Ok, here's some good stuff if you're sick of watching 35 hours of plants blowing in the wind:

Film clip for the song Bronte, from the Gotye album Making Mirrors
Directed and animated by Ari Gibson at Mechanical Apple
Background art by Jason Pamment

I love the cel shading and hand painted backgrounds on this one, and the use of color and shading really sets the mood for this music video... too bad this one isn't longer. The simple look of the character's faces also sets this one apart, very similar to the face rig I've used for all my recent productions. (the same face rig, with a few more additions, that I actually developed at the END of production on the final Rocketmen vs Robots film)

There's definitely an Anime look going on here but at the same time the (skeleton) crew of artists have gone out of their way to establish their own stylistic feel which isn't TRYING to be Anime... or Disney... Originality is rare to find and so refreshing when you actually do find it.

The best 3D animated film of plants that look like an old painting blowing in the wind you'll see this year.

at least the storyboards were easy to do.

Skip to the end on this one for the good stuff... the plants blowing around and time lapse n shizz... From the credits on this one, it looks like a whole bunch of people toiled on this one.. over 20 (I lost count...) Hmm.. ok so you (well not you... you and 20 more people...) take an old still life painting and spend over two and a half years making it 'come back to life' again. (I guess, because.. oh... arranging shopping carts in a big circle has already been done to death...)

Artists Rob and Nick Carter have breathed new life into a 17th Century Golden Age master by digitising it and subtly animating it. The result is "Transforming Still Life Painting After Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder's Vase With Flowers in a Window" - a fascinating piece of digital fine art that the result of 2.5 years and thousands of hours of work. Here Rob and Nick Carter's creative partners MPC (The Moving Picture Company) show how the work was created.

Wow, where to begin on this one. In exactly the last two years, working alone, I've made this little trailer:

(And a bunch of "filler" to pad out the remaining 1 hour 18 mins and 40 seconds of "Origin: A Call to Minds")

Hmm.. math time:

20 people X 2.5 years = 50 peopleyears / 2 years/film/person = 25 films

SO... they should really have 25 films... or 25*78 mins = 32.5 hours of plants that look like an old painting blowing in the wind. Wow... that's a lot of wasted potential here on this one... I hate to think how much money was actually spent making this...

:( they should have made it in 3D-3D while they were at it... :(