Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Romantic - A Film by Michael P. Heneghan

"Deep within a mythological world of autumn landscapes and wondrous creatures, a heartbroken young Romantic swears an oath to free his race from the omnipotent control of the otherworldly gods. But as he ventures forth on his long and lascivious path, other forces conspire with their own agendas. For when all the gods are dead, who will sit upon their empty thrones? A fantastical satire on religion, responsibility, and romance, The Romantic bends genres into a haunting tale filled with humor and horror."

Over 3 years in the works, "The Romantic" is a Digima production by Uberector Michael P. Heneghan, working with a small cast of voice actors and a skeleton crew of co-animators and musicians, to create a film with it's own unique visual style. And you can watch the whole film online, and read about the production, cast, and crew over at

Digima is a quietly growing art form, every year I come across another Uberector or two, and I certainly know more people who have made their own films or are in the process of making them than I did back when I was making the first Rocketmen vs Robots film. As more filmmakers get into the game, the quality of films will only go up: the tools and resources get better, filmmakers get better with each project, The best films will stand out above the crowd...with the stuff that hollywood and the big money studios are putting out, the theater is pretty crowded... but at least it's easy to stand out: all you have to do is have an inkling of originality, creativity, and artistry


JellyAdotMeyer said...

hey dave 4k, i saw that u recently were starting to get into blender, would u want to collaberate on a small project, i could easily make props for one of your movies or rig up some of your characters


David T. Krupicz said...

That's not a bad idea but I'm going to have to hold off until I get production on Origin finished... I'm just about done the sound mix and I'm still waiting on the music score so I'm not starting anything until this one's in the can ;) In a few months I'll start a short to learn all the things I need in Blender, I'll let you know then.

Filmmaker bio said...

Hi David:
My name is gail mallimson and I have a quick questions about Rocketmen vs. Robot. I was interested in using a quick 2 seconds of it in a documentary I'm producing and I wanted to inquire about rights for that. I found the film on, but I'm not sure if that means it's public domain?
Gail Mallimson