Sunday, March 18, 2012

Forever Alone Filmmaker Podcast

So Ronerey :(~~

I interviewed with M Dot Strange and Jimmy Screamerclauz on their Forever Alone Filmmaker podcast on the weeked, you can catch the latest episode with me here, and check out the previous episodes, this is a good look into the world and methods of Digima and the Uberector.

In the meantime I've posted new versions of the Origin: A Call to Minds teaser trailer, a 2D version and a Youtube 3D version

And for your daily film entertainment, check out "Lost Planet", a film by Uberector Dmitry Petrov who made this film working by himself over 8 years (!!!) There's definitely some good cinematic shots in this one, using Bryce for the animation and rendering, a program I remember well from the "Rocketmen vs Robots" Days:

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