Thursday, February 2, 2012

New blog design

Time to dust off the ol' blog, thanks to the fine templates from the Blogger folks... A fresh look... same old junk, all new shiny package !!! ;D

Just in time for Origin: A Call to Minds being almost done (... well, main production, after that it's music, sound / foley , and fixing and changing a few shots... but it's getting close ;)

Somehow my standard file reference scale got changed at some point... so when I imported some "running low poly civilians" from earlier in production, they came out as miniature people... This could be a humorous side project, once I get 'Origin' in the can...


Augusta Tina said...

Excellent blog. a lots of information in this post..

Tyler Zambori said...

Oh man, and I was going to base my own blog design on yours! And it's gone! Oh, man!