Monday, February 6, 2012


by Alessandro Bavari

Metachaos is a rare example of the cinematic art in it's perfect form. (Man, it's going to be hard not to pinch some ideas from this one without being too obvious ;) Digima is the highest form of art and offers the greatest freedom and scope to the artist in terms of the range of emotions and concepts that can be infused into the art. The best examples of any art are those which not only connect with but engage the observer, bringing them into the work so that the observer becomes just as much of a creator as the original artist (that is on a conceptual level, the experiential aperture, if not the physical act of creating the work; the corporeal aperture).

Experienced through the cognitive aperture of creative expression, art represents a window into a reality which is fictional by our experience, but having a reality unto itself nonetheless. A reality which we cannot directly experience. In the case of Metachaos, that might not be a bad thing ;)

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