Monday, February 27, 2012

And teh weinner is...

Right, so the O-Scars were handed out to hollywood's best and brightest last night. It's always interesting to see what gets passed off as the "best" film of the year... This year it's some silent, black and white, 2D film that I hadn't heard about until now and probably won't even pirate...

"The Artist" ...formerly known as prints...negative prints... =D haw haw haw haw =P

Ostensibly the best film of the year.

Hey I know another black and white film that was released this year:

Ostensibly the worst film of the year.*

Man, it's a good thing those two films didn't fall off the top of the DVD player and land on the floor together... I would have been hard to tell them apart... being black and white... and in 2D...

If they only told me earlier that you could release a silent film and win the O-Scars with it then I wouldn't have bothered spending the last week syncing up footsteps to all the characters in my film. :(

Now the film that won for best animated short ( award they've been giving out since before Mickey Mouse had round ears...) is some short about magical books or something... You'll never see anything truly artistic or original win here.


is the best animated short I've seen in a long while.

"The Artist" is also a "FOREIGN" film, they seem to have made a big deal about that in the news all day, There's a tired old concept that doesn't make sense in the digital age. Almost fitting that the relics at the "Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences" would pick a film that goes back to the films of ~100 years ago. Digima is the future, and the Internet is the revolution. The Uberectors have been unleashed, empowered by the technology of true liberation. We are the Anonymous of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Join us ;) there's lots of room up here at the top.

* Oh wait, that's "Another Earth"... my mistake...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Freeware apps for the 3D artist

DAZ 3D is giving away free versions of DAZ Studio Pro, Bryce 7, and Hexagon 2.5. I started out with Bryce back in the day, and it's what I used for the fist 5 mins or so of Rocketmen vs Robots. If you're looking for some software to jump into Digima production, these tools are great for the beginning to intermediate artist.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Origin: A Call to Minds... Main production is finished

After just over a year and a bit of animation, main production on Origin: A Call to Minds is finished. I'm slightly over time target, I'd wanted to be done this Jan 1 2012 of this year, but production ran a little slower once I got into the heavy effects and action shots. ... however... 403 days for an Uberector to animate and comp a feature length digima is pretty good.

...How long does it take a studio of typewriter monkeys to make a feature animated film..?...which is someone Else's "creative" vision... and is usually not as good as something that an Uberector can make on their own with the help of some talented voice actors and musician friends. Give it a few years and the way I make films will be the NORM instead of the FRINGE... Instead of a handful of UBERECTORS there will be OVER 9000!!!!!

(I think there's what.. 4 or 5 of us that I know of off hand... myself... m dot strange... Jeff Lew... Tyler Gibb... Jay Shah's vids on youtube are starting to get some quality... Matt and Dan O'Donnell ... if there's anyone else you know of let me know..) Update (/ Warning): Screamerclaus has a new film coming out...

Some stats on the film:

  • Running length 78 mins... definitely the longest film I've ever made
  • Main production: 403 days
  • Pre-production: 246 days
  • so that's ... umm.. 649 days..
  • Archon Defender took 976 days ( 2 1/2 years...)
  • It's in 3D
Still left to do:

  • Sound FX and Foley...
  • Music...
  • Some shots have to be tweaked and theres a couple shots to insert....
Getting the voiceovers recorded first and timing the animatic really helped a lot this time, also building *most* of the sets and characters before doing any animation. Animating physical fight scenes also turned out to be easier than I thought it would be, so you can expect more of that and crazier sh** in the future...

Oh did I mention it's in 3D too.. as in 3D glasses 3D... (which looks great btw)

Monday, February 6, 2012


by Alessandro Bavari

Metachaos is a rare example of the cinematic art in it's perfect form. (Man, it's going to be hard not to pinch some ideas from this one without being too obvious ;) Digima is the highest form of art and offers the greatest freedom and scope to the artist in terms of the range of emotions and concepts that can be infused into the art. The best examples of any art are those which not only connect with but engage the observer, bringing them into the work so that the observer becomes just as much of a creator as the original artist (that is on a conceptual level, the experiential aperture, if not the physical act of creating the work; the corporeal aperture).

Experienced through the cognitive aperture of creative expression, art represents a window into a reality which is fictional by our experience, but having a reality unto itself nonetheless. A reality which we cannot directly experience. In the case of Metachaos, that might not be a bad thing ;)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New blog design

Time to dust off the ol' blog, thanks to the fine templates from the Blogger folks... A fresh look... same old junk, all new shiny package !!! ;D

Just in time for Origin: A Call to Minds being almost done (... well, main production, after that it's music, sound / foley , and fixing and changing a few shots... but it's getting close ;)

Somehow my standard file reference scale got changed at some point... so when I imported some "running low poly civilians" from earlier in production, they came out as miniature people... This could be a humorous side project, once I get 'Origin' in the can...