Friday, December 30, 2011

Rustboy: The film that never was :(

The legacy you leave behind will be enshrined for all the ages...

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(Yeah, you know I'm about to go on a big Uberector rant about this,
but this is the kind of crap that really bugs me..)

Rustboy was a digima project started years ago, back in 2001, about the time I was working on the first Rocketmen vs Robots film. In fact, this project was one of the projects that inspired my early work, and I gladly adopted some of the composition and animation techniques that Brian Taylor described on his website (still up, but long abandoned)

As Brian says on his youtube post above:

"Rustboy opening sequence by Brian Taylor with music by Erik Nickerson. Originally conceived as a short-film, the movie never did see the light of day. (it was started back in 2001!) Rustboy was optioned by one of the major animation studios, who spent several years trying to give it the 'Hollywood' treatment. The option has now expired."

Wow... I hope they paid you a lot of money to not make your film.

Now in the meantime, since 2001 say, I haven't exactly been rolling in scrilla, but I have actually finished a few projects myself:

Rocketmen vs Robots

Rocketmen Space Patrol

Rocketmen Timecube

Rocketmen Zero

Archon Defender

Legend of the Moon... which took me 2 weeks for a moby video contest that I didn't win... :(

Tales from the Afternow... which Cimm still has to release publicly.. and which has cleaned up a bunch of awards, especially Dragon*Con 2010 Best Animated Sci-Fi

I'm 90% done Origin, so I'm just putting it here to be a bastard >:P

Now I'm not trying to sit here and brag or anything, but speaking as an Uberector, Rustboy should have been done long ago, and independent of any financial finagling which the film industry would dangle in front of your nose. And, I'm not here to tell anyone what to do with themselves (aside from the usual advice that you should be making films instead of wasting your time watching TV), but I like to finish projects when I start them, and especially to put so much time, effort, emotion, and soul into a project and just let it get swallowed by the corporate money system is a shame. They don't hand out gravestones for washing dishes or scrubbing floors, so you have to aim a little higher in life an try to achieve something while you're still kicking:

If there's any consolation, it's that a fully finished version of Rustboy already exists in the vergent datastate of information potential, unfortunately it'll be a bit of a wait before quantum computing is up to the task of serving up a coherent data stream the length of an entire film...


ZephyrStar said...

Dude....I remember everyone making a big deal about Rustboy back when I was in college. At the time I was like "man, that guy needs funding." I was dumb :D

nodelete said...

Yeah, "funny" how it was money that RUINED Rustboy, and eventually PREVENTED it from being finished.