Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year

2011 is coming to an end, and the ominous 2012 is finally here. The fateful year predicted by the Mayans (and Roland Emmerich) to end in a calamity of earthquake, tsunami, and swamp gas. Guess I better get a work on finishing Origin before the apocalypse sets in, eh?

In the meantime here are a couple goodies to wet your appetite until it's finished:

Print this out and staple together, and you have a handy wall calendar with some screen grabs from the film.

Oh yes, I think it's about time to un-secret my 'top secret' teaser trailer that I had been sitting on, now that I'm getting close to finishing production:

Grab your red-cyan 3D glasses for a little teaser of the film ;)

I should be wrapping up main production by the end of January, having been working on animating shots since exactly 1 year ago. The film currently stands at 72 mins, so the remaining bit will bring it to 78 or so. Once animation is done, it's on to foley, sound fx, music, and then off to a festival near you!

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