Friday, August 5, 2011

Recent News and Festivals and Shmoozing

July has been a busy month ( you may have noticed the lack of blog posts around here lately... or perhaps you DID NOT notice the plethora of absentee blog posts which didn't get posted... either way...) My short Tales From the Afternow, which I created in cahoots with the lads over at RantMedia, has screened at a number of film festivals, and has won prizes both at the California International Animation Festival, as well as winning best animation at the Mississauga Independent Film Fest (notable for having awarded me the exact same award last year for Archon Defender.....and yes, it's another huge film reel this year too...)

Is a hat trick in the works? (for you non-canucks, that's when a hockey player gets three goals in the same game.. ;) Could be, if MIFF can get 3D projection sorted out by next year's fest. Start saving up those 3D glasses... MIFF has been one of the best film festivals I've attended, not only are they truly supportive of independent talent, but I've also build a great network of talented voice actors, musicians, and other filmmakers.

So all the nay-sayers and complainers who had gripes about Archon Defender (who are no doubt working fastidiously on their own feature length digima masterpieces, just to show me up ;) they should have little to complain about this time...

Origin is now 70% done, and it's getting ridiculously close to the finish (and the most intense sequences as well) Those of you lucky enough to have had a preview up until now have given me positive feedback, which is good to know I'm on the right track.

More updates to come... though I'm obviously busy working on the actual film since nobody is going to want to see 70% of a movie :P maybe a trailer or a sneak peek soon...