Sunday, June 26, 2011

Origin - A Call to Minds - 2011 Production Update

For those of you just coming here, or otherwise not in the know, (or just plain forgot, because making your own animated feature digima takes forever, even for the most ambitious uberector...)

Origin - A Call to Minds is the second film in the Unity series, and the followup to my multiple award winning film Archon Defender. This film will definitely blow away any of my past efforts, the Rocketmen vs Robots series of shorts, Archon, My other award winning film 'Tales from the Afternow' This is all of a bit of a learning process, and I've learned the hard way how digima should be produced, even if you're doing everything yourself, there's a certain sequence of production that will maximize your efforts an make the final product just that much better.

Did I mention it's in 3D...? :)

Luckily, over the last year and a half since the release of Archon, through the support of the fine people over at the Mississauga Independent Film Festival, as well as the contributions of a talented group of professional voice actors who have lent their time and talent to Origin, production on the new film has been easier than ever. ( plus a couple "new" core 2 duo render nodes put in their part as well.... )

One of the keys is to keep track of production... As you can see here, a good chunk of the sequences in the film are completed... that is finished animation with no reworks or errors and cinematic 'flow' more or less 99% final. The remaining bits of the film now are mainly action shots. I waited until the 'end' of production to do all the action bits just so I could hone my animation skills and deliver the best possible action sequences. Now, some of these sequences I still have to go in and build the sets (I'm in the middle of set building right now) but I will go and do these as I require, because any outstanding sets are either derivatives of existing sets or based on my "outdoors construction kit" with it's collection of grass, rocks, plants, and procedural ground textures that I've already used in other outdoor shots.

Right... so the film is sitting at 48 minutes, waiting for me to build more sets and get the final action sequences done... time to get cracking.


dmgpunk said...

Thanks for the update. I think this is the film I'm anticipating most this year.

Robukka said...

Dave your characters are so inspiring. I'll try to make some fan art. It would have to be real good and famous so the originals would get more recognition. I have pondered this loads.