Thursday, February 3, 2011

Usage Based Billing: Canadian Internet access in jeopardy

A recent CRTC ruling (yeah the same guys who brought us the tariff on blank CD-roms and DVD-roms) means that the big Canadian ISP's are set to gouge and rob blind the Canadian internet user:

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are about to impose usage-based billing on YOU.

This means we're looking at a future where ISPs will charge per byte, the way they do with smart phones. If we allow this to happen Canadians will have no choice but to pay MUCH more for less Internet. Big Telecom companies are obviously trying to gouge consumers, control the Internet market, and ensure that consumers continue to subscribe to their television services.

That last bit is a good one... I haven't watched TV in ages... But I think I'll go visit my local used book store soon, now that I think of it..

I thought I'd tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper how I think of all this...

An open letter to Prime Minster Stephen Harper:

Dear Mr. Prime Minster Stephen Harper,

I am writing to express my concern over the recent CRTC ruling regarding “Metered Internet” , or ‘Usage Based Billing” of internet services by major Canadian Internet Service Providers. I feel that this is a step backwards for Canada’s information infrastructure and will result in a deleterious effect for Canada’s position as a world leader in creative industries.

As an internationally recognized and multiple award winning Canadian Film Director and Animator, I rely upon the access to the worldwide audience present on the Internet. The potential of the internet in enabling an independent producer such as myself to gain a worldwide audience is in orders of magnitude greater, and of greater importance, than all previously established methods of discovery and distribution.

Canada is recognized on the world stage as a leader in film, visual effects, and animation. “Usage Based Billing” will only serve to stifle this creative community, and will have a negative effect on the cultural and economic vitality of Canada. Information technology is the dominant economic growth sector, and growing at an exponential rate.
“Metered Internet” will only allow the rest of the world to outpace Canada, at a time when we can scarcely afford to throttle our economy.

I urge you to consider a policy which will not restrict Canadians’ access to the Internet, but rather to encourage and develop this already important and vibrant sector of our economy and culture.


David T. Krupicz

I certainly wouldn't have all these:

if it wasn't for the internet.


Reyori said...

This is the exact bullshit i've been complaining about for a few days now
after march 1st my family can no longer afford the internet ;_;

I sent an e-mail too
I printed out petitions and i'm going to be taking them around my school
All i can do is hope cause if we don't strike this greed out at it's source
things don't look too good for the rest of the worlds ISP's
cause all the other Major media providers (like bell and rogers the ones that started the push for meters)
will all say "hey wait! we can do that too!"

but then again this could be the dying animals desperate attack for survival
cause i read that 77% of teens (like me) don't give a shit about TV anymore

Reyori said...

We were paying 36$ a month for unlimited use and i'd use up 150GB's of internet myself a month
Now we'd have to pay double the price for a 25GB cap and a 1.99$ fee for every GB we go over
AND insurance on top of that for going over our limit

I live in the poorest county in ontario more than half of the families here depend on the food bank
I don't even know how many people are loseing out on such a great tool now

nodelete said...

77% eh? not bad, we still gotta work on the other 23% though... Books are your friend... especially used books... such as "Anathem" by Neal Stephenson, or anything by Harry Harrison, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, for a start.

dmgpunk said...

I read that the government was going to overturn this ruling... Anyone one else hear the same?

Reyori said...

Myself I'm not a very fast reader I take my time when it comes to books... I haven't read many
But if you like religious stories I've been reading a book I found in Florida it's called "The Children of Odin" by Padaraic Colum and it tells of a bunch of stories of the Norse gods
It's interesting
I also read a cool book in my computers class called Little Brother by Neil Gaiman
It's Free here and it's pretty much a kid takeing on the world for the right to his privacy after terrorists attack

Reyori said...

yeh i herd that too
but the government also said the GST was temporary
And now it's an HST

Drainage64 said...

Whether that government really plans to or not, I don't think anyone should let up on fighting for that until that song is over. I mean you might have people trying to say it's going to be ok just to make other people stop worrying about fighting for it. I'm not Canadian myself but I can't stand that they are doing this. In personal interest and in interest of others freedoms, I see this as a threat to the internet as a whole. The more countries that adopt this meter thing, the more likely other countries will do the same. Aren't some of the states already doing this? It's been allowed to go far enough already without being outright stopped.

The way I see it, The internet is one of the closet things we still have to total freedom, and I think that's worth a lot more than silent safe submission to government opinions and metal meters.

So with that said, what are some ways we can fight this? I still believe one person can go a long way and there's at least a couple of us here ^ ^

Reyori said...

The CRTC just announced they will reexamine metered billing practices. They are seeking public input right now! This is a huge opportunity to stop Internet metering, and to ensure Canadians have access to an unlimited Internet.

Please take a moment to send the CRTC a message here:

Opening statement in an e-mail i got from

Reyori said...

" Dear friends,
Phone and cable companies have unleashed a deep-pocketed public relations campaign designed to confuse the public about new Internet usage fees. Case in point: on Friday, Macleans Magazine published an editorial that read like a Rogers talking-points primer (Rogers owns Macleans).

Big Telecom foot soldiers have been in the media saying that YOU are just being emotional, and that you don't understand what you signed when you signed the Stop The meter petition. This is elitist, condescending, and outright insulting. "

oh god we just beat you now their back for more ._.