Saturday, February 12, 2011

"A Call to Minds" Production log 17:36

17:36 of shots done so far, +5:30 this week... and that's since Jan 1 when I "officially" started production, I'm finally up to "M Dot Strange" productivity levels. Now these are a lot of dialog shots, which I thought were going to be easier than they have been, however there has been considerably more work and animation involved. Character interactions and emotional states need to be carefully executed, otherwise you might as well be filming cardboard cutouts...
The 20 minute mark is getting closer, that's the point when you start to have something resembling a film ;)

Now, onto some more action and effect intense shots.. ;)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Usage Based Billing: Canadian Internet access in jeopardy

A recent CRTC ruling (yeah the same guys who brought us the tariff on blank CD-roms and DVD-roms) means that the big Canadian ISP's are set to gouge and rob blind the Canadian internet user:

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are about to impose usage-based billing on YOU.

This means we're looking at a future where ISPs will charge per byte, the way they do with smart phones. If we allow this to happen Canadians will have no choice but to pay MUCH more for less Internet. Big Telecom companies are obviously trying to gouge consumers, control the Internet market, and ensure that consumers continue to subscribe to their television services.

That last bit is a good one... I haven't watched TV in ages... But I think I'll go visit my local used book store soon, now that I think of it..

I thought I'd tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper how I think of all this...

An open letter to Prime Minster Stephen Harper:

Dear Mr. Prime Minster Stephen Harper,

I am writing to express my concern over the recent CRTC ruling regarding “Metered Internet” , or ‘Usage Based Billing” of internet services by major Canadian Internet Service Providers. I feel that this is a step backwards for Canada’s information infrastructure and will result in a deleterious effect for Canada’s position as a world leader in creative industries.

As an internationally recognized and multiple award winning Canadian Film Director and Animator, I rely upon the access to the worldwide audience present on the Internet. The potential of the internet in enabling an independent producer such as myself to gain a worldwide audience is in orders of magnitude greater, and of greater importance, than all previously established methods of discovery and distribution.

Canada is recognized on the world stage as a leader in film, visual effects, and animation. “Usage Based Billing” will only serve to stifle this creative community, and will have a negative effect on the cultural and economic vitality of Canada. Information technology is the dominant economic growth sector, and growing at an exponential rate.
“Metered Internet” will only allow the rest of the world to outpace Canada, at a time when we can scarcely afford to throttle our economy.

I urge you to consider a policy which will not restrict Canadians’ access to the Internet, but rather to encourage and develop this already important and vibrant sector of our economy and culture.


David T. Krupicz

I certainly wouldn't have all these:

if it wasn't for the internet.