Friday, January 28, 2011

10 minutes

10 Minutes done...* ;)

I haven't been updating this blog lately because I've been busy in production for A Call to Minds, the next film in the Unity series of films, following Archon Defender of course ;)

So to answer some of you in the comments: I haven't dropped off the side of the earth (yet) and production is going at a good rate... Now these are all mostly dialog / expository shots, which are easier to animate than action, however there are good reasons for doing the film in this way:

  • I can crank out dialog shots really quickly these days thanks to the freeware Papagayo lip sync program from Lost Marble, and a quick little Maxscript script I wrote to import the lip sync data onto my face animation rigs. So lip syncing, which is a boring job I absolutely HATED doing for Archon, takes zero time by comparison.
  • These "simple" dialog shots are actually anything BUT, and involve a lot of interaction between characters, motion and timing. ( I don't just sit two characters down on a sofa for 10 minutes, like some directors...) So, this is all ramping up my animation skills for when I'm really going to need it: the action shots.
  • There's something to be said about doing things the right way around this time, recording the voice actors before hand, and building the sets and modeling the characters before doing any production is another reason why I've been able to get so much done in just one month. Not to mention I've been able to use the voice performance to drive the animation, which gives the characters a lot more emotion and emphasis.
So, off to finish a few more shots in this sequence and then changeover to another "set" and get the next sequence of shots done... ETA on the film being done... at least the animation... Aug... of this year... "IF" I can keep up the same pace (hehe...)

*Yes, that's 10 minutes of animation in 1 month of production. Impossible.. you say.... Not counting the fact that I've been in pre-production since May of 2010... script writing, storyboarding, recording actors, syncing the animatic, building sets and modeling characters.. ignoring all that :P I'm pretty happy with the way things are going ;)


M dot Strange said...

I feel yer pain about the lip sync... its somethin I dread too... sounds like you got a good solution... ya know Jeff Lew told me he did all his lip stick by sticking tracking markers on his own face then writing some scripts to translate it to his facial rig so he mocapped it all...looking forward to seeing the new film!

Reyori said...

I haven't even mastered Rigging in c4d (god damn you mocca!) let alone lip syncing

It's great everythings working out for you i'm not always so lucky but i guess persistance is key for these things

Drainage64 said...

Just wondering, when you use Papgayo, does it work well enough that all you have to do is apply it to your scene and go or do you have to still tweak if afterwards?

Also I wonder if it would work with C4d or not. I'ma gonna check into it ^___^

nodelete said...

Yeah, it works great, zero tweaking afterwards... It should work with cinema 4D as long as you can access morph targets with scripting, then you just read in the time and data values from the .dat file from papagayo and change your morph target to the correct 'face' shape.