Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cool animated shorts vol 7...

I found this little gem on youtube tonight:

My first knee jerk, blurt-out reaction within the first 10 seconds was something along the lines of 'Lol I can see your polygons' Then the rest of the film unfolds in a stylistic perfection of low-fi, low-poly that works perfectly for this short. It's rare these days to find a film that doesn't follow the "pixar/dreamworks/disney/animation school" herd of photorealistic cartoony characters and modeling, and it's refreshing to see someone with such a well developed and consistent artistic style. I'm going to be pinching bits of this style in the future, for sure ;)

Animation, and digital animation in particular, enables a wider variety of artistic expression than is currently offered by the big hollywood studio system, both in terms of art direction and style as well as the subject, content, and execution of the art itself... so why not break the mould and strike out with your own visual and narrative style, that's the only way to stand out of the crowd now, and increasingly in the future as (hopefully and inevitably) more and more people will be doing this kind of thing.


Drainage64 said...

Sheesh! How do you find stuff like this, and how can I? 0___o

..aka this style is nice ^___^

Have you ever heard of David O'Reilly? He does a lot of nonrealistic stuff too.

nodelete said...

Yeah, it's good to find this kind of stuff every now and then ;)

This guys has some other stuff on vimeo here but he hasn't put out much else beyond this... another case of the 'industry' gobbling up talent it seems... but meh.. whatever pays the bills, I suppose..

The name doesn't ring a bell... I'll have to google it...

Drainage64 said...

Yeah it's annoying.

It seems to either be the industry takes em or they strictly keep themselves in the festival scene. For example..the movie "From within" that I kinda wanted to see, I don't know if it ever came out on dvd or not..but I know it played at a ton of festivals.

Even that David guy seems to lurve his festivals..but he actually makes it a point to release it afterwardss...which I hope he does with his current short -____-

Robukka said...

It's a good find.

I relate it to Polygonist on DeviantArt