Friday, October 22, 2010

Cooking up some 3D pixels

Now that I've got (most) of the voices recorded and timed with the storyboard, and the characters are modeled, I'm going on a set building blitz for the next month or so to create all the locations in the film.

A quick mock-up of an underwater 'fishing' scene. No film would be complete without my favourite fish, Ambloplites rupestris, nature's rockin'ist fish, the Rock Bass:

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago, Wheaties the breakfast of champions.

Now I picked an easy set to start off with, the kitchen scene. There's two variations on this, daytime and nighttime. The nightime scene will be lit with a single lantern on the table, the daytime scene is shown below: I still have to model the views out the windows and the front door, but as these will be based on exterior shots, I will model the exterior next, leaving a proxy of the house interior in place, so I can match a background plate to the foreground when I comp the scene together.

I could start animating this, these are simple dialog shots, but I'm going to wait until I have all the sets done before I start any animation.

Of course, these are in 3D... you might want to grab yourself a pair of 3D glasses, I'll be posting a lot of stuff in red-cyan 3D from now on ;)


Enders the Surrealist Wander said...

I guess there's no more room for me to do voicework eh?

nodelete said...

All the voice performance has been recorded semi-professionally with fully professional voice actors who have generously donated their time (or have been abducted at chainsaw-point). It'll make the film a lot better in the end to not use computer voices this time... ;)

Tyler Zambori said...

2D in 3D? That is tripping! Brillant.

Enders the Surrealist Wander said...

So I guess voice work is done, and I'm a bit late....

You could tell me how you do this. How you do the voice work stuff online? It's just email a file? Do you do something with the sound? What if the person may not have such a good mic? Plenty of questions bro..