Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dragon Con 2010

I'm fresh back from Dragon*Con 2010, where my short "Tales From the Afternow" was screening in the Dragon Con Independent Film Festival. 4 crazy days of geek fest in the warm and sunny Atlanta GA.

I've been a long time fan of Troma films, I even have an old VHS copy of the Toxic Avenger still kicking around somewhere... Lloyd Kaufman and Troma have always embodied the true independent spirit of filmmaking. Troma films are horrible. Horribly entertaining, horribly fun to watch, and horribly inspiring. If they can make films, anyone can, which is the whole point. If you let yourself be limited by lack of experience, skill, or resources stop you from just going ahead and creating your film, then you're never going to get it done, and the only way to improve your skills at it is to just jump in feet first and make films. Lloyd, and Troma, are kind of the persona non grata of the film world, because they expose the 'biz' for what it is; they show that filmmaking is not some dark occult ritual requiring esoteric knowledge and deep pockets, that it's accessible to everyone, more so now than ever, now with the tools and technologies available.

Here's Lloyd's panel talk from Dragon Con 2010, where he talks about the history of Troma films, upcoming projects, independent filmmaking, and the importance of net neutrality:

Oops.. oh yes ;) I suppose I should mention that "Tales from the Afternow" won the award for "First Place - Animated Science Fiction"


Drainage64 said...

Congrats on the award!
That must have been fun, going to the convention and showing your film.

Reyori said...

i'll have to check this guy out thanks for posting ^_^