Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blender project "Sintel" released

The rather extensive team over at the Blender Open Movie Project have finally wrapped on their latest production, Sintel:

Not a bad effort, and a definite improvement in story, animation, and rendering, over previous efforts from this project: Elephant's Dream and Big Buck Bunny (of which I thought Elephant's Dream was the better of the two)

The sound in Sintel is spot on, they got some great voice talent. One thing that's been made apparent to me is the importance of good voice talent. Of the single aspect of production that a solo producer needs some outside help on is the voice talent. (It also helps if you record it before you animate... and before the script is completely finished ;) Despite what others might tell you: you CAN write the script, storyboard, concept art, model, animate, render, fx, music and sound fx and edit an entire film by yourself. I did it. M Dot. Strange did it. Jeff Lew did it. Dan and Matt O'Donnel did it. But trust me on the voice acting bit: I've found a great crew of actors who have contributed to the new sound mix for Archon, and recording for my next film A Call to Minds.

The story in Sintel is a bit predictable; I called the 'twist ending' halfway through the short, and I was sadly correct. I hate when that happens, and it happens a lot with the CG animated shorts I see. Luckily, they stayed away from the cliche "it was all a kid's dream" ending. Other than this one nitpicky criticism, Sintel is a great animation, and proves that Blender , Open Source software solutions, and independent filmmakers are now ready to stick it to the big studio devil worshiping media clog-comerates.

The next Blender project should be a full length feature film, produced in under two years of production from script to premiere, to show that the system is capable and ready to the challenge. All it will take is a director (or more of a dictator) to reign in the unruly mob of artists who worked on Sintel and crack the whip to get a feature length film.

The demand is there, and the audience is waiting:

If I can do it, working alone and having to do everything myself, then surely a team of talented artists can manage it. (How many people worked on Sintel... I lost count after 10... so the movie should be 80 minutes long as it is :P ...)

As Lloyd Kaufman would advise: make your own damn movie

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Robukka said...

Thank you for informing of this "Sintel". I think it is really touching how the story plays out!
In my mind I relate it to "The Last Guardian" videogame

and Dave it is really something how your solo projects compare favourably to these mass efforts :)