Thursday, June 3, 2010

Casting Call

Casting Call for Voice Actors

I'm starting pre-production of my next film, a follow-up to Archon Defender. The script is "done" and the storyboards are done, now it's time to cut a rough action animatic from the storyboards.

I'm going to do things a little differently this time, including recording all the voice parts before I start animation production. So while I work on building the characters and the sets, I'm going to need some voice actors who want to lend a hand once again.

There's a few major characters, and some one or two liners, as ususal I'm not too picky about voice acting ability: but this time I won't be trying to match the voiceovers to computer voices. ( and learn :P ) This is your chance to prove the youtube complaineys and nay sayers wrong...

23 Characters to voice this time (instead of 42 for Archon Defender...) Msg me here or email me if you want some famous. ;)


dmgpunk said...

I want some famous!

Let me know what I can do to help.

freakjobb said...

I would be interested in helping with the voices but I'm not able to use outlook. My e-mail is address

Drainage64 said...

Don't mean to be a back seat movie maker, but you may try posting a youtube vid about this. Just to maximize your voice actor options.

I don't think I'd be very good for voice acting though XD

Good luck!

Eric said...

I would like to help out with the voices. email me at

Enders the Surrealist Wander said...

Outlook, count me out! My email adresses are:

Please d00d! I don't wanna sound like I'm begging and crap, but I'd really LOVE to do voice acting for this project! Straight up man!

Give me the word, and I'll do the do. Indeed this is one of my good early starting steps, if not LEAPS, towards my artistic pursuit. I wanna be an independent artist, for film, music, and video games and stuff. And I can act. Well, I am inclined to all that..

Best of hope for all! Peace..

Enders the Surrealist Wander said...

But tell what to do. What steps or directions should I take? What do you want me to send you? Please help me, I've never done anything like this before, not used to it, totally new. Yeas I'm kinda nervous...

Most importantly what do you want me to record? I can't just do anything. It's gotta have something you can see with your project that you could decide if I'm in..

Many thanks!

Enders the Surrealist Wander said...

sorry if this is a long post, and you're hella busy, but d00d, alright you haven't answered me. I'm not trying to be dumb or anything, I just don't get what I have to do. Like what do I send you in my recording? Like what do I say? I can't just speaking anything random like ice cream and cones in my ears! I want some famous!

I have a mic. I'm gonna record in Audacity. Hopefully the quality will be decent enough. But WHAT am I gonna record? isn't there some dialogue you can email me or something? Like I said, I'm unfamiliar with this, so I don['t know how things are like exactly.

How will we do so that you will know what role or whatever is good for me? Please help me out with this mayne. I wanna help you out with your project somehow!..

nodelete said...

Ah, if you're feeling ambitious ;) you can record yourself reading this bit from "The Bloodstained Rabbit" by Sean Kennedy:

The old man’s wide eyes shifted back and forth across the room, his mind a flurry of activity.
“The book is wrong.” He spoke in low tones, his accent making the language thick and hard to understand.


Dave looked over at Steve and Jerry to see if they knew what he meant. The two were staring at each other as though no one else existed in the world.

“Which one doctor, your lab book?” Steve asked.

Verruckt shot up straight his tone harsh. “No! My notes are flawless! They gave me false data! They said it could only be made from the fetal flesh. The 'ILL SANCTUS EX VERAX' said they were not able to reproduce themselves. How could I have known! There was no data. NO DATA!”

The old man’s intensity grew as he spoke. “I knew they were becoming more as they spoke of the harvest. The experiment was a failure. The whole project is a failure!”

Dave wondered how long Prudens would allow this to continue. The old man’s intensity was growing stronger by the breath.

“I took them deep into the mountain. I isolated the experiment for the safety of the project. But they were building a matrix. I had set a virtomic barrier to hold them in, but it was only to be temporary. They have to be destroyed before they can complete it! The harvest will come and they will clean this place of flesh. They’re building now; they'll kill us all to bring in their kind! They've done it before! Thousands of times before! The house is safe by the virtomic wall built around it. You must destroy the matrix or the great harvest will begin. It will begin and there will be no stopping it!”

Enders the Surrealist Wander said...

c00l! thx!

But wait, how do I send the recording? Like I put it in a folder and attach it to my message...I think that's how you do it isn't it...

nodelete said...

Email it to me at


Enders the Surrealist Wander said...

Peace in. Sorry I didn't send it to you soon enough. I wanted to ask you, do you mind if you can give me something else (better) for me to do voicework? At least pertaining to what you need? I shall also send you the one you gave me of The Bloodstained Rabbit. I'm having a bit of trouble. Thanks. Peace out..

Enders the Surrealist Wander said...

COuld you please give me another thing for me to act on as well? I'm gonna send you the recordings for both as well as some bloopers..