Monday, May 10, 2010

New Film Project: Concept art

"New Film Project" being the working title for my next feature, a followup to Archon Defender. Not exactly a sequel, not a prequel. But based in the same world, with the same background mythology and archetypes. Plus, until I actually decide what title I'm going to use for it, "New Film Project" is all you get ;) There are hints to the nature of my next film in Archon Defender, and in my short Legend of the Moon...

A lot of the action in the film happens in Bridgeland. Kind of your typical small rural town, Bridgeland is going to resemble rural Japan:

A lot of Japan looks like this, narrow closed in streets, lots of little streams and rivers, bridges. Lots of places for badguys to hide, and lots of opportunity for creative destruction of animated property ;)

The script is now done, at least the first complete draft. It clocks in at about 50 pages, which in movie script land translates into 50 minutes, but I have a lot of "storyboarded action seqeuce" parts in the script. Basically, parts where it's easier for me to block out the action on recipie cards movie making cards, then mix and match the action until I'm happy with the flow. That's how I did all the action shots in Archon Defender, and that can add a bit of extra time onto the length of the film.

Once the script is revised to my liking (I'm going to wrestle with it a bit more this week) It's on to storyboarding, and then the timing animatic. This means that I'll be posting a casting call for voice actors a lot sooner than in the production of Archon Defender. No computer voices this time, plus I'll be able to animate to the voice actors instead of trying to match them to the computer voices. I've also put my characters in the torture chamber: they are currently stretching on 'the rack'; to put an end to the complaineys who said that the character's arms were too short in Archon Defender >:P


Drainage64 said...

Looks cool so far! I'm not sure why but I really like the sound of the name Bridgeland,

Good luck dude! I know I'll watch it when it's done! :)

dmgpunk said...

Looks and sounds awesome Dave, the anticipation is building already. I hope I can be of help with the voice acting again. ^_^

Jordan said...

Lookin' pretty sweet. =) I'm excited already.

~ J