Friday, April 30, 2010

Another new demo reel short making the rounds...

"Meet Meline" is a demo reel short film by the french filmmaking duo Sebastien Laban and Virginie Goyons which has been making the rounds recently on the CG forums.

Technically well done, (though the shaky camera was a bit overdone in my opinion) and this took the filmmakers 2 years to make. 2 years for 6:24 of a cg girl running around. Mind you, I'm willing to cut them some slack for holding down full time jobs working on video game cinematics and getting hitched during that period. And the rendering, the electricity bill for this must have been a bit of a kicker...


Plot Synopsis:
  1. Girl draws a squirrel or something resembling a squirrel
  2. It comes to life (luckily she didn't draw a velociraptor, or an alien face hugger)
  3. She chases it for most of the film
  4. Surprise ending typical of 'animated shorts'
The only real gripe I'm going to make is that it's not in 3D-glasses 3D

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