Saturday, March 27, 2010

Recent awards

Archon Defender has been well received at several film festivals. I was recently in Vancouver to receive the 'Rising Star' Award at the Canadian International Film Festival. The film has to date received 3 awards:

As the filmmaker, I know my film is awesome, however this is a point of view that is somewhat biased. It's great when people agree with me ;D Of course, the film has had it's share of complaineys and haters:

Voice acting precedure: read this, and I'll record you.
If you think I need something more than robotic monotone: don't.

(Notice the the folks over at xtranormal have taken a page out of my filmmaking book... Simple characters, computer voices, simple facial animation rig that doesn't cross the uncanny valley...)

If you want to see the film in your area, a great new resource OpenIndie has opened recently online, go there to add your name to the list of people to request a screening in your area, the more people that sign up, the greater the chance that we can get a theatrical screening in your area. And the film looks amazing up on the big screen in all it's HD glory.

My next project, 'Tales from the Afternow' is done, and in post production, look for it to be released on later this year:

Oddly enough, I'm not doing the sound or music for a change, but from what I've seen of it so far with the soundtrack added, it's going to be win ;D

In the meanwhile, head on over to to watch (and vote for) the music video I did for Moby's "Wait for me" contest.

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