Monday, March 1, 2010

More top secret 3D

More 3D test renders today:

Cross-eyes 3D

3D glasses 3D

(It's debatable which is easier on the eyes)

Of course, keeping separate masters for left and right eye, means that I can master for different 3D formats, red cyan anaglyph, yellow-blue anaglyph, interlaced dvd for shutter glasses (which I don't happen to have yet), 3D projection for theaters if that ever becomes accessable to indie filmmakers (which I suspect it won't... at least until 3D tv's become cheaply available)


A parallel-eyes freeview version for those who prefer that method:


Reyori said...

if they do become cheaply available
this will be long over and done by then XD

Michael Duffy said...

You may need to check your cross-eyed renders there... feels like the left and right eyes are flipped to me.

nodelete said...

Sounds like you're using the 'parallel' eyes method instead of the 'cross eyes' method of freeview (yes...there's two methods for cross-eyes 3D viewing. both kinda suck)

See, this is why no glasses 3D computer displays / tv's need to be marketed. They already exist.

I just need to be able to go to Wal-Mart and pick up a 30 inch LCD 3D no glasses computer monitor... for $150 or so.

Michael Duffy said...

Actually, I was just looking at the screen and relaxing my eyes until the 3D image appeared between the L/R images. The second image you posted works fine!

See, no glasses required! But it does give you massive eye strain if you look at it too long :-P


nodelete said...

Ah, that's the 'parallel' eyes method. Try this: put your finger on the screen by the top image, and slowly bring your finger towards you. Keep following your finger until you notice that the two images behind your finger have merged, then try to focus your eyes back on the screen while keeping the image aligned.

This is the 'parallel' eyes method. if successful, the top image will now be in 3D

if unsuccessful, get someone to drive you to the hospital to get you treated for extreme eyestrain.