Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey sneaky sneakys...

Did you happen to catch the 'rah rah' rally the troops 'round the American flag scene in Avatar?.

Happens twice, at the beginning when Col Quaritch is giving his 'tour guide' speech to the new recruits, and towards the end when he's rallying everyone to go get eaten by flying critters.

It's subtle, and a sneaky way for James Cameron to insert the iconic image of the General rallying the troops in front into his film. (There's even 13 stripes created by the venetian blinds on the window...I counted)

If you're going to be a good filmmaker, you have to have a sharp eye for things like this. As filmmakers, we love hiding little things like this in our projects ;)

The Stars and Stripes forever...
You want to rally the troops,
get Elvira on board.

(She'll make you "stand to attention" *ahem* ;)

Now, I'm all for flag waving... Hey James Cameron, you're from Canada, here's how you wave the flag:

1 comment:

Reyori said...

show pride for your own flag? unheard of it American flag or nothing!
wonder how he could of hid a Canadian flag there anyway... lol