Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crazy bollywood fight sequence

Apparently copies of the 1999 film 'The Matrix' have made their way over to bollywood, who have subsequently latched onto the revolutionary 'bullet time' effect, long after that effect has been thankfully abandoned by the turkey farm. Now, bollywood fight scenes can be pretty over the top entertaining, as such:

A quick summary of this fight scene:

Some chick is getting chased by the guy from the KLF, so she ducks into a karate dojo in hopes of ditching him. He follows her in and hilarity ensues.

The 'hair-o-vision' is a nifty touch, as is the acrobatic multi karate guy formation right at the end (5:50 in the video) I can't imagine how effective that would be in a fight, and they seem to get their asses handed to them as well.

Everything here makes sense in the typical bollywood fashion, even the use of 'bullet time' when not even necessary (a trick they learnt from the original Matrix movies.)

So what can we learn from bollywood: Your fight scene doesn't have to make any sense. It just has to look cool.

Revolutionary moments in Cinematic History:

"The Matrix" introduces "bullet time" effect
Everyone wishes this was filmed in 3D

"The Matrix Reloaded" revolutionizes cinema again
with that crazy highway chase scene...
...If you wear pulfrich 3D glasses when neo comes flying in
during that scene where the two trucks collide, it looks like it's 3D

James Cameron remakes 'Pocahantas' in 3D with blue aliens,
mech suits, flying dragons and trees that grow those string lights
they have at "adult entertainment clubs"...
...the scene where the guys are coming out of space hibernation
makes your eyes bleed and you wish it wasn't in 3D

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