Monday, March 8, 2010

3D in your face...3D SKULLS in your face >:O

Seeing as how Avatar cleaned up so well at the oscars >:P it's obvious that we are now living in a new golden age of 3D movies. Of course 3D movies have been around forever, and they've always been in your face. Literally. Given these two 'golden age' gems, I'd wager that today's crop of 3D films are subdued by comparison:

The first film gives a pretty good explanation of why films should be in 3D. The second takes it to the logical conclusion: that stuff should be flying out at the audience at any opportunity.

Now. Why do you suppose this isn't imitated in live action theater (aside from GWAR concerts) Theater has been 3D since the classical Greek days, and you don't even need to wear glasses. "Alas poor Yorick"... ...then throw the skull into the audience. Hell, have a batting cage machine off stage filled with skulls, ready for the cue. Now that cinema has been revolutionized by James Cameron once, and twice by the Wachowski Bros, it's time for live action to "play" catch up. Or rather, it's time for the audience to play "catch skulls"

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