Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's a wrap!!!!

It's a wrap!

The final planned shot for "Tales From the Afternow" is finished, and I'm in the process of writing an avi master and making a divx encode to watch.

Final shot, Loosely modeled on the Oshawa harbour pier

Of course, typically, there will be some screwups, but that's why I render in layers so that errors are relatively easy to fix (or hide)

Now the audio is nowhere near done, the rantradio lads are going to be taking care of that (so for once I'm not actually doing *everything* on a production) This also means it may be a while before I can release this, as I have no intention of doing a "sneak" audio mix of my own or releasing anything that's only half arsed done with a bare narration track.

Visually, the 'polygon sketch' style is like over 9000 times better than the visual style I used for Archon Defender. The whole idea of which is to capture the feel of 'concept art' in animated form. The loosely defined rawness of which is often better looking (in my opinion) than the 'final' product.

And it's shortly on to my next project: a short music video in 3D-glasses-3D ;D (The whole Idea of which is to determine how difficult and / or worthwhile it is to animate in 3D-glasses-3D )

I should also go though my scene files and start saving all the objects and sets to re-use in the future. I did recycle a bunch of stuff from Archon Defender, which cut down on the development time, although I had to add the sketch effect and change all the materials to my updated 'color light sensitive' method as well. The new actor characters I created for this are going to be used again as well.

...Oh yes, guess who I ended up cutting out of my film again :(


freakjobb said...

Who did you cut?

nodelete said...

My character 'Merelle' (the girl in the coveralls as shown above..)

She got the cut from Archon Defender, and I had a couple shots with her in that got cut this time too.

She is turning into an 'in' joke for my films ;P

Reyori said...

looks awesome ^_^

Jon Wilson said...

No Freaking Way! NODELETE IS THE ANIMATOR! You have no idea how much respect you just gained from me. I liked your contributions before but this my friend, this is art. Thank you so much.