Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top Ten Reasons your complainey list sucks

Top 10 reasons your whiney complainey top 10 list sucks

  1. Your work sucks and you only realize it on a subconscious level and writing your top 10 list is the only way you can compensate for this.
  2. You are a master at whatever you do, but nobody else wants to acknowledge this because it makes them feel inferior and as a result they aren't prepared to listen to you anyway.
  3. You don't actually know what you are talking about, but that's not going to stop you from proclaiming your opinion to the whole internet.
  4. Your points are appropriate and well intentioned, however nobody else is going to see it that way because they are taking it as a personal insult to their own ablilites.
  5. Your top 10 list primarily derides cliches, ironically a top 10 list is in itself a cliche.
  6. I'm too busy watching a mashup of "Ninja cat" and "Adiago for Strings" on youtube doubler to care about your list.
  7. You are starting to run out of ideas towards the end of your list. Like me. right now :(
  8. Your list is dripping with sarcasm. Easy, isn't it, to get people riled up on the internet? It's like being back in grade 5 without the wedgies or the nougies.
  9. Your complaints aren't really helping anybody, and won't change anything, or influence anyone. Just like 'petition' groups on facebook. Or comment trolling on youtube.
  10. You wasted your time writing and / or reading the list when you could have been doing something else productive. Unless you were waiting for a render to finish on your latest film project or something, in which case... meh.. a few good laughs here and there

1 comment:

Michael Duffy said...

hehehe... this list will go over well.

And I can reply, because I'm waiting on renders to come back from the farm now. :-P