Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Filmcamp 2010

Filmcamp 2010 'unconference' will be screening Archon Defender, as well as my Director's Q&A session from the Revue Cinema screening, 31st January 2010 at the National Library, Victoria Street, Singapore.

Filmcamp is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees. This event will bring together interesting people in the creative, media, IT and other sectors to share ideas in a collegial atmosphere of unabashed geekery.
If you're in the area, it's a good chance to see it on the big screen in full HD glory, as well as nerd out with other film minded geeks as well.

Archon Defender - 3D glasses not required


Robukka said...

Congratulations on Festivalidation!

"3D glasses not required"
What would the process be like to make your film, like Archon Defender, available in 3D?

nodelete said...

You'd have to setup your workflow from the beginning with 3D in mind, with two cameras side by side for each shot, rendering out both eye views, and then compositing in 3D as well, so you're making two films insetead of one, also 2D compositing cheats like adding smoke and fire and explosions becomes more complicated because they have to be in 3D and also at the right depth in the screen, and you have to be able to preview your stuff in 3D and then there's the problem of how you distribute in 3D. I've thought about it and it's not very practical until no glasses 3D monitors and video cards become commonplace.