Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Between the Lines"

I love the style, the use of color and tone in this short:

From the youtube description:

"Between the lines" is about Ray a fireman who lives in a society in which books are illegal, a world where dreams and culture are blast. He burns books, This new found curiosity gets Ray into trouble when he takes an interest in reading the books that he's supposed to burn.
Now, the complaineys over on the internet will probably gripe about the rough animation in this one. Or maybe not, because it's 2D so you can cut it some slack. 3D animation has to be pixel perfect Disney squash and stretch slapstick. *yawn*

Now this short manages to set the tone, establish the motivations of the characters, and convey a complex story, all in two and a half minutes (including credits) The visual style is what carries this film, and it's a good example if how visual style should be intertwined with the underlying world of your film.

It is far more important to establish a coherent visual style than to worry about the nit picky miniscule details of your execution. Spend too much time worrying about if your walk cycles are perfect, or if the reflections are physically accurate, or if the timing is slightly off, and you won't have a film, all you'll have is a demo reel. And there's lots more of those online better than yours.

So to all the complaineys who don't like my animation style because it's rougher than what has been learned at you at animation school, or not 'snappy', or conforming to the pidegonhole expectation that animation 'should be': I don't make animated films. I make films that happen to be animated.

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