Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10 reasons why your film sucks

Ten Reasons why your Animation Sucks:
  1. It took you way too long to make and it's still only 5 minutes long.
  2. You had a whole bunch of people working on it and it's still only 5 minutes long.
  3. The main character is a kid, and the whole movie is a bunch of unrelated 'comedic' events that culminate in the kid waking up from a dream where all the stuff in the movie are actually toys scattered around his/her room.
  4. Your film is yet another Star Wars fanfilm.
  5. The music sounds like you recorded it from your old soundblaster, playing back a general midi file, which you downloaded from one of those web sites that also has collection of animated 'under construction' gifs as well.
  6. Your character interacts with the camera in a comedic or slapstick fashion so you can put it on your demo reel as proof of your 'snappy' character animation abilities.
  7. Off camera audio gags accompanied by more camera shaking. The character then stumbles back onto screen with a bear trap or something similar clamped onto his head.
  8. The story is so weak that the only thing carrying the film is the fact you managed to pull off the 'pixar' look with 40 render element passes per shot.
  9. Motion freeze. Characters freeze solid, or the camera freezes solid in the middle of a shot.
  10. You didn't base your work on a diverse enough number of influences that it's obviously not original. I know it's hard (or impossible) to be truly original these days, however you should try to mix it up a little.


IamSamJackson said...

I hope you put this comment on Cgtalk under the 10 reasons why your render sucks.

Doug said...

I agree with Iamsam. I hope you put this on cgtalk good list.

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