Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hmm... so let me see if I understand this correctly:
I'm unable to watch my own film from the very same computer that I, the sole creator of the film, created the film on, and this on your page that just links back to my youtube page where I have it released free without any restrictions on viewing. ':|

Now, I don't mind people linking to my film and spreading the word around, that's why I put it up on youtube in it's entirety for free. But at least be smart about it :/


Cutter said...

Hi David,

How can I reach you for a short chat?

I am running a film conference in Singapore called "Filmcamp", in a few weeks - Jan 31, 2010. I funded Filmcamp so that we'd have an event that helps as many people get interested in making their first film or be inspired to at least give it a shot.

Filmcamp is a 100% independent, privately-funded event, managed by a team of volunteers. Participants/audience to Filmcamp are not charged any entry fee.

It goes without saying that film is a fantastic medium to get a story/message across, and I'm thinking that screening your film to the audience would be an inspiring experience.

I am sure you'd be supportive of this. Can we talk a little more about this? I'd really like to see how you could help with this.

BTW, I wrote about your film a couple of months back, when it was released
( Link: ).

Chris Gomez

nodelete said...

You can reach me at

info (at) archondefender (dot) com