Saturday, December 12, 2009

Low poly 4 lyf3

Low poly buildings for the distance, high poly buildings for up close.

Street level scenes are one of the most labor intensive environments to set up. There's tons of little details to create, both up close and in the distance. And your buildings have to be varied enough that it's not totally obvious that you are recycling them. Also don't forget to model all the little street details such as:
  1. garbage cans
  2. light poles
  3. electricity poles
  4. posters and remnants thereof plastered on any available surface
  5. graffiti
  6. sewer drains
  7. litter
  8. cardboard garbage boxes
  9. dead squirrels on the road
  10. cars
  11. signs
  12. bus stops
  13. stop lights
  14. newspaper boxes
  15. manhole covers
  16. etc...
One of the biggest mistakes I see in 3D animation and 3D stills is not enough detail on street level. I'm even guilty of it myself (rocketmen ep 1) You just gotta spend the time putting all the details in, and when you think you are done, time to spend another day or two because your shot still sucks.

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