Monday, December 14, 2009

Dark City

I'm starting to be happy with the look of the street level city set which I will need for several different shots. These shots are from different angles, and so the set must work up close as well as distance elements. Together this makes for a challenging build, as all elements must work together seamlessly to fill the shot without any obvious gaps. As I stage the actual shots, I'll have to extend and move elements so as to fill the frame. For example, the foreground 'PanoShiba' building doesn't actually extend much above the frame at the moment, although it's intended to be a taller building, and I have a shot planned which will be looking up towards the sky at it at some point, so the models have to be created with modular construction and flexibility in mind.

I'm happy with the way the office lights in the far buildings turned out, that's a bit of a cheat and I'm going to have to use that method a bit in the future to make my life easier when modeling city buildings.

As you can see, the set has to work looking down onto street level as well, plus I intend to recycle the set elements for any other city shots I have planned.

So this all took 4 days on and off to build, and I didn't previs it with a concept sketch, so I was kinda pulling the rabbit out of a hat on this one, luckily some reference jpgs of Toronto helped out a bit on this one. (Modeled loosely on Queen St...)

This is what the set looks like from a distance:
As you can see, there's no point in modeling anything that
will not be on camera.


Robukka said...

Very really admirable what you keep coming up with. :D
I had my look at "Autodesk Maya 2010" oh dear is complicated... is such a skill and craft you have.

nodelete said...

Yeah, they keep adding stuff to those programs, not all really necessary except to keep the upgrade mill running. I've stuck with 3D Max 6 for a while now, it does all I need it to and I still don't use all the features it has.

So it's not what tool you use, but how you use it to do what you want to do.