Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Previs Sketch Process

I'm working on my next project, a short film this time based on Tales From The Afternow by Sean Kennedy of RantMedia. The script is done (more or less, with some finessing as I go along in production) It's going to be a short film (the animatic came just over 10 mins, but there will be a bit added on at the beginning and end..so 12 mins or so) The main storyboarding is done, so now it's time to do a little previs concept sketches, so I know exactly what I'm going to have to build in 3D. I'm starting with the environments, for example this storyboard frame from the introduction:

When I storyboard, I'll sketch in some details and ideas for the shot, but obviously not in too much detail or it would take forever. Sometimes it's just stick men and arrows, depends on how complex the shot is or what I'm trying to convey to myself later. This is the stage where, at Pixar or Disney, you would "pitch" your storyboard to a committee of people whose job it is to ruin your movie.

A quick sketch of the environment as I had originally imagined it as I was doing the storyboard frame, with details embellished and added (like the water, the debris) Planning out small details like the electrical connections on the walls, the steel framing beams and metal details will make life easier when it comes time to build this in 3Dmax.

Color adds a lot to a scene, which is why I use it even on storyboards, you can clarify a lot with colors, in these concept sketches I'll try to keep the colors close to the intended texture colors as possible. If I'm doing storyboards, the colors are a little looser: I may use purple or green or something to keep track of a certain character through shots, for example.

I also did a mockup of the lighting which I will be reproducing in after effects for the final comp.

Now the main goals of this project are to:

A) Improve my 3D character modeling and rigging skills
B) Develop the 'polygon sketching' 3d technique and adapt that to the 'tooning' style I used for Archon Defender.

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M dot Strange said...

Looking good d00d! Hey you should come over to Cinema 4d land with this one ^ ^