Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Two days of modeling from scratch... (actually from my 1/2 of a human generic form scaled to my standard biped size model) ...and my general purpose Swat / Guard / Soldier model is done, complete with M16 and gas mask:

Boots are too shiny though,
I'll have to add some vertex colors
and dirty up this fellow a bit.

Go ahead. Make my day >:|

Still have to make a riot shield for when I use these guys for riot police, maybe some of those clear plastic face shields they use too instead of gas masks. Plus I can totally change the insignias and uniform colors to vary the characters a bit too.

I've been recycling a lot of the Archon Defender characters for Tales from the Afternow, but I've also been creating all the main characters from scratch. This way I can use pre-existing models (fixing the arms and applying the 'sketch' effect modifiers) cutting my development time for this project considerably.

I should really go through all my project files from Archon Defender and save out individual models of every object I created (furniture etc...) Could come in handy in the future.

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