Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OpenIndie project: For independent filmmakers and animators

I'm supporting the OpenIndie project, started in part by four eyed monsters filmmaker Arin Crumley. This initiative is aimed at supporting independent filmmakers like myself through the building of an online community of fans with the aim of facilitating local screening of indie films, such as Archon Defender, where YOU the fan want to see it.

The premiere screening of Archon Defender at the Revue Cinema in Toronto Canada is now less than 2 days away. I've already seen a preview of it on the big screen, and it looks amazing in it's full HD glory. If you want to see a screening of my film on the big screen, the first step is to sign up for my mailing list. (I'm not going to sell your name to spammers or anything.. I hate those guys as much as anyone) Once OpenIndie gets fully up and running, that's the time to storm it with support for Archon Defender. Or any other indie film you want to support, for that matter.

Four easy steps:
  1. Spread the word
  2. Tell everyone you know about Archon Defender, and how it's possible for YOU to join the online revolution, unleash your own creativity and make your own film
  3. Tell your filmmaker friends about OpenIndie, and get them to join the growing online community of Indie filmmakers and Animators
  4. Chill out, relax, drink a beer, roll a joint, smoke some crack and rob a liquor store, and just enjoy the true creative art of indie filmmakers.
The way it works is simple: I already know that Archon Defender is awesome, otherwise I wouldn't have made it. If you think it's awesome, then spread the word, tell all your friends, or at least anyone who is into Anime, Sci Fi, Fantasy, and films like Dark City, The Fountain, Band of Brothers, etc. Me sitting alone in my house knowing that my own film is awesome is fine and dandy for me, but if you are sick of the garbage that is thrust upon us by the money studios then you need to spread the word about cool indie animated films.

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Robukka said...

It took a while but now I got your film through FilmBaby "The following 1 DVD shipped today:
1 copy of Archon Defender". I should have got two of them but since it is NTSC it just does not play in Finland.

Once I get the disc, get to see it I can promote it. Unless it sucks!