Thursday, October 1, 2009

DVD's available at Filmbaby

If you can't make it out to the Oct 7 Screening at the Revue Cinema in Toronto...

The DVD's are now available at

(and digital .MP4 downloads for your mobile...)

DVD Features:

Full length feature 66 minutes
Chapter Selections
Directors Commentary
Animators commentary
Making Of and Production Tutorial Videos (over 60 mins)
Trailers and Music Videos
Concept Art Slideshow
Top secret hidden easter eggs !!!

The digipack dvd's are WIN, and environmentally friendly too (I elected to use the smaller "CD" type format) To celebrate my contribution to a reduced carbon footprint, I'm going to BBQ me up some greasy ol' ribs and burgers. :9 mmm mmm


Robukka said...

Finally available cool. I am waiting for my Paypal money to appear so I can order.

(have you disabled Twitter direct messages?)

Bla said...

Can't believe you fall for that liberal carbon footprint garbage.